Ito Hideaki to star as psychopathic teacher in “Aku no Kyoten” movie


Kishi Yusuke’s bestselling suspense novel “Aku no Kyoten” (“Lesson of the Evil”) is being turned into a live-action movie. The movie will star actor Ito Hideaki (36) and be directed by Miike Takashi (51), bringing them together again for the first time since “Sukiyaki Western Django” in 2007.

The novel was published in 2010 and ranked #1 in both the “Kono Mystery ga Sugoi!” and the “Shukan Bunshun Mystery Best 10” rankings.

Ito plays Hasumi Seiji, a teacher beloved by his students and trusted by his peers. However, in reality he is a psychopath who was born without the ability to empathize with others. Surrounded by various typical school problems such as bullying, he determines that the most effective way to resolve them is to murder his students one by one.

Filming is scheduled to last between April and June, with the aim of having the movie completed in time for the possibility of screening at the Venice International Film Festival in August. Theatrical release in Japan is scheduled for November.



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