Suzuki Fuku to star as detective in drama series “Kodomo Keisatsu”


Child actor Suzuki Fuku (7) has been given his first starring role in a drama series. He will take on the challenging role of a middle-aged detective who looks like a child in “Kodomo Keisatsu” on TBS this spring.

Suzuki plays a veteran detective who is the head of a special investigation unit with the Kanagawa prefectural police. While pursuing an evil organization known as Red Venus, he gets exposed to a special gas that turns his body into a child’s. Sexy Zone member Marius Yo (11) and “Kaseifu no Mita” actress Honda Miyu (7) will play two co-workers who have also been affected.

Katsuji Ryo (25) will play a rookie detective who is treated as an underling by Suzuki and the other detectives.

“Kodomo Keisatsu” will air on Tuesday nights at 12:55am, starting April 17.

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