Ito Atsushi, Kiritani Mirei in airport drama “Apoyan”


Actor Ito Atsushi has been chosen to lead a TBS drama series called “Apoyan ~ Hashiru Kokusai Kuukou.” The show will also feature Kiritani Mirei as the heroine (her first in a prime-time drama series), along with supporting performances by Kanjiya Shihori and Yanagiba Toshiro.

“Apoyan” is based on the novel “Koisuru Kuukou” by Shinno Takeshi. Set at Narita International Airport, the story provides a “behind-the-counter” look at the airport staff working tirelessly to resolve various problems, particularly related to their customers.

Ito plays Endo Keita, a tour planner for a travel agency who suddenly gets transferred to work as a manager at Narita Airport. Not quite suited for his position, he is forced to mature through working with his capable subordinate Morio Haruko (Kiritani), dealing with his quirky but sincere co-workers, and falling in love with a “ground hostess” (a term referring to the female employees working at the check-in counters).

“Apoyan” is apparently lingo within the travel industry, referring to the customer service┬áprofessionals who strive to resolve any traveler’s issues and send them off safely on their trip with a smile. “Apo” is an abbreviation for “airport.”

TBS has scheduled “Apoyan” for Thursday nights at 9:00pm. The series will premiere in January.



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