generasia began as a project between the founders of jpopstop.com and tokyograph.com. The reasoning was simple; throughout the net, there exists numerous sites all focused on a single person or aspect of Asian music culture. Since the creation of the web, we’ve all tolerated having to browse to one site for artist discussion, one for biographies, one for discographies, one for news, one for listening, etc. Then it hit; What if it didn’t have to be like that? What if there was just one cohesive site offering news and info about the culture we love without having to register at multiple sites only offering a fraction of the overall experience? This is what generasia is here for; to bring the Asian experience to you.

One of the most important aspects about this project is bridging multiple sites together with multiple admins each focusing on what they do best. Just as you wouldn’t expect your plumber to fix a faulty power outlet, you need people experienced in their field to give you the news and information you’d expect from a specialty site. With people who are “in the know” about news from Japan, the latest in fashion and beauty, along with delivering the music, videos, and images most sites would charge some arbitrary subscription for just to have access to a fraction of this content. Our information is free to use and free to enjoy as you see fit.

This is your generation. This is generasia.