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CD+DVD Cover
CD Only Cover
mu-mo Edition CD Only Cover
Tower Records Ed. CD Only Cover
A Shared Dream
Catalog Number
AVCD-38441/B (CD+DVD)
AVCD-38442 (CD Only)
AVC1-38443 (mu-mo Edition CD Only)
AVC1-38444 (Tower Records Edition CD Only)
¥3,990 (CD+DVD)
¥3,150 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Tick Tack
  2. Forbidden Love
  3. Show Me Your Smile
  4. We Set off!!
  5. A Shared Dream
  6. The Sound of Magic
  7. Orion
  8. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
  9. Man Man Ha Ni -Japanese ver.- (만만하니; Am I That Easy?)
  10. Bingeul Bingeul -Japanese ver.- (빙글빙글; Round & Round)
  11. Shut Up!! -Japanese ver.-
  12. Believe
  13. Tick Tack -MARCAN Mix- (CD Only First Press)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Tick Tack (Music Video)
  2. Forbidden Love (Music Video)
  3. A Shared Dream (Music Video)
  4. A Shared Dream (Music Video Making Movie) (CD+DVD First Press)


"A Shared Dream" is U-Kiss's first Japanese album. It was released in four versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and three CD only editions, regular, mu-mo edition, and a Tower Records edition. The album includes the Japanese versions of "Man Man Ha Ni", "Bingeul Bingeul" and "Shikkeureo!!", retitled to "Shut Up!!". The first press of the CD+DVD edition include a making of for the music video of "A Shared Dream". The album was released on the same day as their second Japanese single, "Forbidden Love".

Oricon Chart Positions

U-Kiss promoting the album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
x 6 2 11 8 16 9 5 13,138
x x x x x x x x x,xxx
x x x x x x x x x,xxx

Total Reported Sales: 13,138*

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