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Ai no Supreme!

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Artist Edition Cover
Anime Edition Cover
Digital Cover
Ai no Supreme! (愛のシュプリーム!; Love Supreme!)
Catalog Number
LACM-24134 (Artist Edition)
LACM-24135 (Anime Edition)
  • Artist Edition
  1. Ai no Supreme! (愛のシュプリーム!)
  2. Senkou no Ato ni (閃光のあとに; After the Flash)
  3. Ai no Supreme! -instrumental-
  4. Senkou no Ato ni -instrumental-
  • Anime Edition
  1. Ai no Supreme! (愛のシュプリーム!)
  2. GIVE ME LOVE (fhána Rainy Flow Ver.)
  3. Ai no Supreme! -instrumental-
  4. GIVE ME LOVE (fhána Rainy Flow Ver.) -instrumental-


"Ai no Supreme!" is the 16th single released by fhána. It was released in two versions: an artist CD edition and an anime CD edition. The title track was used as the opening theme for the anime Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon. The single peaked at #31 on the Oricon weekly singles chart and charted for a total of twelve weeks.

The digital single "Ai no Supreme! (Sing along loop Ver)" was released on the same day.

Song Information

Hayashi Hideki
Sato Junichi
Other Information
Arrangement: Sato Junichi

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