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Danceroid (2010) Back: Maamu, COCO, Yuzuki; Front: Itokutora, Aikawa Kozue

Danceroid is a Japanese group under Heartfull Entertainment, wich consists of Internet dancers who are members of Nico Nico Douga. They dance and sing to Vocaloid songs.


Former Members

  • Minka Lee (ミンカ・リー), joined for short time.


Danceroid began in 2009 with 3 members Itokutora, Aikawa Kozue and Minka Lee. With agreement between Itokutora and Minka Lee, Minka joined just for short time. In December, they released their 1st indie DVD called "DANCEROID". In 2010, after Minka left, they held auditions for new members. The 3 winners were: COCO, Maam and Yuzuki. All of them also have their own Nico Nico Douga account.

Two original members performed at EOY 2010 in Singapore.




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