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EXID promoting B.L.E.S.S.E.D (2020)

EXID (이엑스아이디) is a Korean pop girl group that debuted in 2012 under Yedang Entertainment and produced by Shinsadong Tiger. On April 30, it was announced that Yuji, Dami and Haeryung had left, and that EXID would come back in June as a five member group including two new members however, it was not until July 31 when they where announced, Solji (former member of 2NB) and Hyerin. It was announced on June 27, 2014 that they had parted ways with Gamgak Entertainment and signed an exclusive contract with Banana Culture (formerly Yedang Entertainment). It was announced on May 3, 2019 that members Hani and Junghwa would not be renewing their contracts with Banana Culture and that after the release of their new mini-album the group would be taking a temporary hiatus while the members pursue individual goals.


  • Solji (Leader, Main Vocal, Lead Dancer)
  • LE (Main Rapper)
  • Hani (Lead Vocal, Visual, Lead Dancer)
  • Hyelin (Lead Vocal)
  • Junghwa (Vocal, Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae)

Former Members



  • Official Fanclub: L.E.G.G.O
  • Official Colors: ECLIPSE (Pantone 7499c / Pantone 7423c / Pantone 272c)

Korean Discography

EXID promoting "Holla" (2012)
EXID promoting "Wiarae" (2014)
EXID promoting "HOT PINK" (2015)
EXID promoting Street (2016)
EXID promoting Full Moon (2017)
EXID promoting "Naeilhae (Lady)" (2018)
EXID promoting TROUBLE (2019)




Digital Singles


Chinese Discography

Digital Singles

Japanese Discography


Best Albums


Digital Singles


  • [2012.12.06] Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards: Rookie Award
  • [2012.12.25] Arirang's Simply K-Pop Awards: Super Rookie Idol of the Year
  • [2015.02.17] Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards: Discovery of the Year - 2014
  • [2015.03.13] Cable TV Broadcast Awards: Star Award's
  • [2015.11.07] MelOn Music Award "MBC Music Star Award"
  • [2015.12.23] MBC Music Show Champion Awards: Best Champion Songs of 2015 "Ah Yeah"
  • [2015.12.23] MBC Music Show Champion Awards: Best Performance - Female "HOT PINK"
  • [2016.01.14] 25th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang
  • [2016.01.20] 30th Golden Disk Awards: Digital Single Bonsang
  • [2016.04.10] YinYueTai V Chart Awards: Best Breakout Artist
  • [2016.10.07] Korea Assembly Grand Award: Artist of the Year
  • [2016.xx.xx] Sony Music Sales Awards: Platinum Disc Certification In Digital Sales

TV Music Shows

Ah Yeah
Natbodaneun Bam
Deol Deol Deol
Naeilhae (Lady)

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