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Harada Mariru

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Harada Mariru
Harada Mariru as Ruhara Renji promoting "Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji" (2012)

Harada Mariru (原田まりる) is a Japanese talento, gravure and fashion model, and singer under K DASH Stage agency. She is a member of the groups Fudanjuku, where she is known as Ruhara Renji, and Nakano Fujo Sisters (hiatus), where she is known as Marirun.


  • Stage Name: Harada Mariru (原田まりる)
  • Fudanjuku Stage Name: Ruhara Renji (流原 蓮次)
  • Nakano Fujo Sisters Stage Name: Marirun (まりるん)
  • Real Name / Former Stage Name: Harada Mari (原田まり)
  • Birthdate: February 12, 1985 (1985-02-12) (age 36)
  • Birthplace: Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 168cm



Idol DVDs

Start for you! WINNING LAP Venus Trap beloved

  • [2005.04.01] Start for you!
  • [2005.06.15] WINNING LAP
  • [2005.09.20] Venus Trap
  • [2006.03.25] beloved


Digital Photobooks

  • [2005.11.??] Harada Mari Digital Shashinshuu "Material" (原田まり デジタル写真集「まてりある」)


  • [2006.10.14] Harada Mari 2007nen Calendar (原田まり 2007年 カレンダー)

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