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Ishii Rika

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Ishii Rika promoting Slow Love (2013)

Ishii Rika (石井里佳) is a Japanese singer and actress. She started her career under the management of Kaori Okui in 2000 as Peachy, before joining Hello! Project as a soloist in 2001, going by the name Rika Ishii (石井リカ). She left Hello! Project in March 2002, after only singing on some songs available on compilation albums.



Ishii Rika (2009)

Ishii Rika's debut in the music scene was in October of 2000 under the name "Peachy". She released three singles the following two years, all with a bubblegum-pop sound. A few months after the release of her third single, in October 2001, Ishii transfered to the Up-Front Agency. She started working in the offices of UFA (probably to test her working ethics and working morals) before becoming a regular in the TV Tokyo mini-drama "Shin Bishoujo Nikki" (which also starred Fujimoto Miki).

In November 2001, she participated in her first Hello! Project album, The Douyou Pops 1 Christmas to Fuyu no Uta Shuu. Her first concert performance was at "Hello! Project 2002 ~Kotoshi mo Sugoizo!~" in January 2002. Here she was introduced as a new member along with Fujimoto Miki and Satoda Mai. Ishii continued to appear in various Hello! Project releases, and was a member of the 2002 shuffle unit Odoru 11.

In December 2002, after the release of Shinsaku Douyou Pops 1, Ishii Rika graduated from Hello! Project. No official reason was given, but in an interview in a French magazine (in 2009) she stated that she no longer wanted to be an idol, but wanted to release songs with words and music made by herself.

In 2003, Ishii held her first live performance, and shortly after she signed to the record company bm.3 and released her first single. It would be three more years before she'd release her second single "Ao". It was used in the movie Zoku, in which Ishii had a role in as one of the main characters.

For unknown reasons she left the record company after this release, and kept focusing on live performances as an indies artist. In 2007 and 2008 she released four indies singles, only available at her live events. Her fifth indies single was released under the label mona records.

In 2008, an interview with the popular Japanese girl group Perfume revealed that they have covered her song "Super Jet Shoes ~Mirai wo Aruku Kutsu~". They said it suited them since the song was happy and up-beat, and they have performed it at concerts together ever since.

In 2009 she released her fifth indies single, "Blue", under mona records. In the fall the same year, a promotion video for the movie "Asahi Daigaku" with Ishii singing the theme song "Boku no Michi", was released. Another song, "Wedding Story", is also featured in the movie. Her song "Kokoro" was used in a commercial for Olympics pen, and a promotional video was made. "Wedding story" and "Boku no Michi" also have Promotional videos.

Other promotional appearances include writing a theme song for Asahi University in Gifu Prefecture and providing music for a commercial for the Akita View Hotel. In addition to all her latest promotion tie-ins, her long-awaited debut album, Aoi Kuma, was released on September 3rd, 2010. Her second album was released in April 2013, followed by her third album in September the same year.

In December of 2013, Ishii teamed up with 5 other singers of Sora-uta releasing the song "La La La Ashita no Sora e" ("LaLaLa明日の空へ").


Ishii Rika promoting Aoi Kuma (2010)



  • [2000.10.25] Super Jet Shoes ~Mirai wo Aruku Kutsu~ (スーパージェットシューズ~未来を歩くくつ~; Super Jet Shoes ~Shoes That Walk To The Future~) (Peachy)
  • [2000.12.06] Snow Paradise (スノーパラダイス) (Peachy)
  • [2001.04.18] Yume Miru Chikara (ユメミルチカラ; The Power to Dream) (Peachy)
  • [2005.03.17] Kotoshima (琴島; Harp Island) (indies)
  • [2006.08.09] Ao (蒼; Blue) (indies)
  • [2008.08.14] blue (indies)
  • [2015.01.15] Chinrenka (鎮恋歌)

Event Singles

Compilation Albums

Hello! Project releases

With Odoru 11:

With other members of Hello! Project:





  • [2008] Sheng Evening Drink
  • [2008] NEC Lighting Jota
  • [2008] Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc.
  • [2008] Rohto C Cube
  • [2009] Daiei
  • [2009] Iwate Aisin Com
  • [2009] Iris
  • [2010 - Present] Rohto Orezo
  • [2010] Bandai Chara Deco
  • [2010] Japan Game Card
  • [2011 - Present] Game Card Joico Holdings
  • [2012 - Present] House Foods Macaroni Gratin


  • [2000 - 2001] Peachy no Momoiro Kandzume
  • [2010 - 2011] Freak☆Rush!
  • [2013.10 - 2013.12] Ishii Rika Le son de La mer

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