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# [[Look Back Again]]
# [[Look Back Again]]
# [[Over The Distance]]
# [[Over The Distance]]
# [[Le Vent Brulant|le vent brulant]] (mall>[[Diamond Head]] featuring [[Yaida Hitomi]])/small>
# [[Le Vent Brulant|le vent brulant]] (<small>[[Diamond Head]] featuring [[Yaida Hitomi]])</small>

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Single Cover
Yaida Hitomi
Look Back Again / Over The Distance
Catalog Number
  1. Look Back Again
  2. Over The Distance
  3. le vent brulant (Diamond Head featuring Yaida Hitomi)


"Look Back Again / Over The Distance" is the fifth single (fourth major label single) released by Yaida Hitomi. "Look Back Again" was used as Shiseido "pN" commercial song while "Over The Distance" was used the commercial song for Japan Airlines "JAL ACTIVE 2001 Hokkaido". "le vent brulant" was used as the ending theme for the TV series F1 Grand Prix. The single reached #3 on the Oricon weekly charts and stayed on the charts for a total of seventeen weeks. As the single sold 394,330 copies in 2001, it became the #45 single of the year.

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