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MIYO-YUI no Kyounen mo Futaribocchi Special Live

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The MIYO-YUI no Kyounen mo Futaribocchi shows were two live shows performed by ex-v-u-den members Okada Yui and Miyoshi Erika. The Special Live took place on December 23rd, 2009. The other MIYO-YUI show was the MIYO-YUI no Kyounen mo Futaribocchi Casual Dinner Show.


  1. DIAMONDS (Okada Yui) (Originally by PRINCESS PRINCESS)
  2. Pittari Shitai X'mas (Originally by Petitmoni)
  3. Kiseki (Originally by GREEN)
  4. Ti amo (Originally by EXILE)
  5. Hitorijime (Miyoshi Erika)
  6. Akai Ito (Okada Yui) (Originally by Kobukuro)
  7. Christmas Medley
    • Jingle Bells
    • Kiyoshi Kono Yoru
    • Christmas Eve (Originally by Yamashita Tatsurou)
    • Makkana Hana no Tonakai
  2. Toshishita no Onna no Ko
  3. Let's LIVE

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