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Motto Tooku e

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Motto Tooku e (もっと遠くへ; To a Farther Distance)
Fujimaki Ryota
Fujimaki Ryota
Other Information
Arrangement: Remioromen, Kobayashi Takeshi
Strings Arrangement: Kobayashi Takeshi, Shika Udai
Production: Kobayashi Takeshi, Remioromen
Keyboards: Kobayashi Takeshi
Strings: Shika Udai Strings
Recording: Yoshida Makoto (OORONG-SHA)
Mixing: Yoshida Makoto (OORONG-SHA)
Mastering: Miyamoto Shigeo (form THE MASTER)

"Motto Tooku e" is a rock song recorded by Remioromen. It was used as Fuji TV's 2008 Summer Olympics theme song.


There are four versions of "Motto Tooku e" in Remioromen's discography:

Motto Tooku e
Found on the single "Motto Tooku e / Orchestra" as track #1, the album Kaze no Chroma as track #10, and the best album Remio Best as track #6. This is the standard version.
Motto Tooku e
Found on the second disc of the live album "Your Songs" with strings at Yokohama Arena as track #13. This is a live version with strings.
Motto Tooku e
Found on the album from the box set Remioromen 10th Anniversary BOX as track #8. This is a remix.
Motto Tooku e
Found on the first disc of the DVD REMIOROMEN SPECIAL LIVE at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA as track #15. This is a live version.