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Music Pool 2002

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Album Cover
Music Pool 2002
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. B'coz I Love You
  2. Dizzy dive
  3. Ring my bell
  4. Zeitaku na Sekai (贅沢な世界)
  5. Over The Distance
  6. i can fly
  7. I'm here saying nothing
  8. Nee (ねえ)
  9. Moshimo no Uta (もしもの唄)
  10. Look Back Again
  11. Te to Namida (手と涙)
  12. Angry Angel / iMONGEN HEAP
  13. Life goes on 2002 / Daishi Kataoka
DVD Tracklist
  1. B'coz I Love You
  2. Dizzy dive
  3. Ring my bell
  4. Zeitaku na Sekai (贅沢な世界)
  5. Not still over
  6. Over The Distance
  7. i can fly
  8. I'm here saying nothing
  9. Nee (ねえ)
  10. Moshimo no Uta (もしもの唄)
  11. Look Back Again
  12. Te to Namida (手と涙)
  13. Life's Like A Love Song
  14. Angry Angel / iMONGEN HEAP
  15. Candlelight / iMONGEN HEAP
  16. Life goes on 2002 / Daishi Kataoka w/ Yaiko
  17. I'm not afraid w/ iMONGEN HEAP
  18. I like w/ iMONGEN HEAP
  19. END CREDITS To I Like (UK Mix)
  20. B-Love / Daishi Kataoka (PV)
  21. Aeroplane / iMONGEN HEAP (PV)


Music Pool 2002 is the first live album released by Yaiko. This event was an exposition of AOZORA RECORDS artists at the time performing around and with Yaiko. It was recorded in the Osaka International Expo Park and features appearances by both iMONGEN HEAP and Daishi Katoaka. The album's artwork was drawn by Yaiko herself. The album reached #13 on the Oricon charts and stayed on the charts for a total of five weeks, selling 33,000 copies.

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