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Nanamusica (ナナムジカ Nanamujika) is an alternative band made of two members, Nishijima Kozue and Matsufuji Yuri. Their music has a very laid-back sound to it. Their name comes from a merge of the ancient Sumerian God Nanna and the Latin name for music, Musica. They debuted in 2005 with the single Ta-lila ~Boku wo Mitsukete~ which only reached #35 on Oricon charts, but their next single, Kururi Kururi, reached #9 on the ranking.



Nishijima Kozue had an interest in singing from when she was little, and went to study vocal music at Tokyo, whereas Matsufuji Yuri had a father who taught piano at University and a mother who worked in the vocal department of the same University. She first composed a tune on the piano when she was three years old. The two girls met by chance when they went to study music in Tokyo, as they had dormitory rooms next to each other.

The group debuted with the single Ta-lila ~Boku wo Mitsukete~, which only reached #35 on Oricon charts. Their second single almost a year later, however, reached #9 as it was the theme song to the dorama Kobayakase Nobuki no Koi. The group released their debut album, Yubana, two months later to very moderate success.

The duo released a third single only a month after their debut, called Bokutachi no Butai. They would continue to sing theme songs for doramas, with this single being used in Tokumei! Keiji Dongame. However, this dorama was not as watched as Kobayakase Nobuki no Koi was, and the single turned out not being as popular. After a period of inactivity, the pair once again released a dorama single, this one called Kokorone being used for the dorama Xenos.

In July it was announced that Nanamusica was about to follow up ayaka and Kobukuro's collaboration single WINDING ROAD as the Nissan Cube CM song. Their new single, Sora, is a collaboration with Nodame Orchestra. One month later, they released their sixth single, Kanata.

In December 21st 2007, Nanamusica announced they will be in hiatus.



  • [2006.04.26] Yubana (ユバナ)


Download Exclusive

  • [2007.06.06] Ai no Uta (愛の歌; Love Song)

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