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* [2013.04.24] [[White Raincoat Man]] (ホワイトレインコートマン) <small>('''Indies''')</small>
* [2013.04.24] [[White Raincoat Man]] (ホワイトレインコートマン) <small>('''Indies''')</small>
* [2016.07.06] [[Epoch Parade]] (エポックパレード)
* [2016.07.06] [[Epoch Parade]] (エポックパレード)
* [2017.08.09] [[Sayonara Moon Town]] (サヨナラムーンタウン)
* [2017.09.06] [[Sayonara Moon Town]] (サヨナラムーンタウン)
===Split Singles===
===Split Singles===

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Scenarioart promoting Faction World (2017)

Scenarioart (シナリオアート) is a Japanese electronic pop-rock band signed to Ki/oon Records.



Scenarioart promoting "talking / Nana Hitsuji" (2015)

Scenarioart is a Kansai born, male and female double vocal three-piece band. Their music style uses a mix of rock, electronica, and shoegaze pop. Their first single "White Raincoat Man" was released in April 2013 as a limited Tower Records edition. The single won second place in the Oricon weekly indies chart.

The band made their major debut with their first mini-album "night walking" on January 15, 2014.


Scenarioart promoting "Epoch Parade" (2016)

Studio Albums



Split Singles

Digital Singles

  • [2015.05.13] Fuyuu (フユウ; Wealth)


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