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Shi Shihou

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Album Cover
Stefanie Sun
Shi Shihou (是時候; It's Time)
CD Tracklist
  1. Shi Shuo Xin Yu (世說心語; Telling the World the Words from My Heart)
  2. Zhui (追; Chase)
  3. Dang Dong Ye Jian Nuan (當冬夜漸暖; When the Winter Nights Get Warmer)
  4. Shiguang Xiaotou (時光小偷; Time Thief)
  5. Kongkou Yan (空口言; Empty Words)
  6. Mingtian De Jiyi (明天的記憶; Memories of Tomorrow)
  7. 180Du (180度; 180 Degrees)
  8. Kuai Feng Le (快瘋了; Madness)
  9. Yuren De Guodu (愚人的國度; Country of Fools)
  10. Shi Shihou (是時候; It's Time)


Shi Shihou is the ninth studio album released by Stefanie Sun. It is her first album after her four year hiatus.

G-Music Charts

Week Rank Sales (%)
2 10.56
2 13.93
2 11.83
11 1.10

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