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Shocking 5

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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Shocking 5 (ショッキング5)
Catalog Number
EPCE-5694~5 (Limited Edition)
EPCE-5696 (Regular Edition)
¥3,780 (Limited Edition)
¥3,150 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!! (EVERYDAY 絶好調!!; Everyday in Perfect Form!!)
  2. The Party!
  3. Aa Koi (嗚呼 恋; Alas, Love) (Suzuki Airi solo)
  4. Bye Bye Bye!
  5. Lonely girl's night (Yajima Maimi solo)
  6. Kimi no Senpou (君の戦法; Your Tactics) (Nakajima Saki, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai)
  7. SHOCK!
  8. Shigatsu Sengen (四月宣言; April Proclamation)
  9. "Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu." (「残暑 お見舞い 申し上げます。」; "Express a Late Summer Greeting Card.") (Suzuki Airi solo)
  10. Yume ga Aru Kara (夢があるから; From a Dream)
  11. Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu (H22 Remix) (暑中お見舞い申し上げます (H22 Remix); Express a Midsummer Greeting Card)
Limited Edition DVD Tracklist
  1. Shigatsu Sengen (四月宣言) (PV)
  2. Jacket and PV Making of (ジャケット&PV撮影メイキング)
  3. Off-shot Slideshow (オフショットスライドショー)


Shocking 5 is °C-ute's fifth studio album. The album was released in both limited and regular editions, the limited coming with a bonus DVD. The first press of the regular edition comes with a photo card. The album reached #25 on the Oricon charts and charted for two weeks, selling 7,345 copies.

Featured Members

°C-ute promoting the album

Members in italics graduated before the album's release and only appear on past single tracks.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 11 21 33 45 - - 25 6,475
- - - - - - - 159 870

Total Reported Sales: 7,345

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