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Solemn on Stage

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Regular Edition Cover
2nd Edition Cover
Reissue Cover
Joey Yung
Solemn on Stage
2001.12.21 (2nd edition)
2007.05.30 (reissue)
CD Tracklist
  1. What's Up
  2. 命苦
  3. 再見我的初戀
  4. 擁抱天下
  5. 隆重登場
  6. R U Ready 4 Me?
  7. 銀蛋伴小貓
  8. 走著睡
  9. 麻煩你
  10. 沙堡壘
VCD Tracklist (1st edition only)
  1. 隆重登場 (Music Video)
VCD Tracklist (2nd edition only)
  1. 怯 (Music Video)
  2. 再見我的初戀 (Music Video)
  3. 隆重登場 (Music Video)

Solemn on Stage is the 3rd album released by Joey Yung. There are 3 editions of this album: 1st, 2nd, and reissue edition. The 1st edition comes with CD + Joey's concert countdown 60 days photo album + VCD, 2nd edition comes with CD + additional MV VCD and reissue edition comes only on CD.