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Tani Rumiko

Tani Rumiko (2011)

Tani Rumiko (谷ルミコ) is a former Japanese pop singer. She made her debut in Japan under the stage name Miyoshi Chinatsu (三佳千夏), and rose to fame as a member of Hello! Project. She also released three solo singles, appeared at a few concerts, and appeared on TV shows such as Idol wo Sagase and Hello! Morning. She also appeared in the movie Pinch Runner, alongside Morning Musume.


  • Japanese Stage Name: Miyoshi Chinatsu (三佳千夏)
  • Korean Stage Name: Tani Rumiko (타니 루미코), Rumico
  • Birth Name: Chigi Rumiko (千木留美子)
  • Birthday: August 14, 1979 (1979-08-14) (age 41)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 167 cm


In 1999, Chigi Rumiko was signed with Up-Front Agency and began working in Hello! Project. During this time she went by the name Miyoshi Chinatsu, which was given to her by Makoto of Sharam Q. Her producer while in Hello! Project was Sanada Kaoru, a former member of the band Tokyo JAP.

Miyoshi Chinatsu retired from Hello! Project in October of 2000 without notice. Her last appearance as a Hello! Project member was in a Hello! Project concert in September 2000.

In early 2005, she debuted in Korea as Rumico participating on the soundtrack of the movie Bunshinsaba. Along with two solo songs, she participated in two more as part of the band March.

On October 21st 2006, she married Korean pop singer/actor Kim Jung Min. In 2011 she debuted as an actress on the Korean movie Noriko Goes to Seoul.

Japanese Discography

Miyoshi Chinatsu promoting "Unchain My Heart" (1999)


Korean Discography


  • [2004.08.05] Bunshinsaba OST (#2, March - 2 Late..., #4 March - again, #5 W/U I Can, #9 Hear My Cry (feat. Bigtone))



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