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The 2nd Asia Tour Concert Album Super Show 2

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Album Cover
Super Junior
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Galjeung (갈증; A Man In Love)
  2. U
  3. Neorago (Rearranged) (너라고; It's You)
  4. Geunyeoneun Wiheomhae (She Wants It) (그녀는 위험해; She's Dangerous)
  5. Angela (앤젤라)
  6. Miracle (Rearranged)
  7. Disco Drive (Rearranged)
  8. Dancing Out (Rearranged)
  9. Baby Baby (Sungmin) (Original: 4Men)
  10. Tamashii (魂(혼); Soul) (Heechul)
  11. Beautiful (Donghae)
  12. Chenyeom (체념; Resignation) (Yesung) (Original: Big Mama)
  13. Insomnia (Ryeowook) (Original: Craig David)
  14. 7 Nyeonganui Sarang (7년간의 사랑) (Kyuhyun)
  15. What if
  16. Ibyeol... Neon Swipni (Heartquake) (이별… 넌 쉽니; Saying Goodbye... Is It Easy For You?)
  17. Honey (Leeteuk) (Original:Park Jin Young)
  18. Doc wa Chumeul + Run To You (Doc와 춤을) (Kang In) (Original:DJ DOC)
  19. Don't Don! (돈 돈!)
  20. Twins
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Urideurui Sarang (Our Love) (Rearranged) (우리들의 사랑)
  2. Who Am I (Siwon) (Original: Casting Crowns)
  3. Dangsinigie (당신이기에)
  4. Me (迷)
  5. Shining Star (Rearranged)
  6. SORRY, SORRY (Remix)
  7. Superman (슈퍼맨) (Original:Norazo)
  8. Rock Go!!! (로꾸거!!!)
  9. Gee (Original: So Nyuh Shi Dae)
  10. Kkuldanji (Rearranged) (꿀단지; Sunny)
  11. Pajama Party (Rearranged) (파자마파티)
  12. Carnival (카니발)
  13. Sowoni Itnayo (Sapphire Blue) (소원이 있나요; Do You Have a Wish)
  14. Marry U
  15. SORRY, SORRY - Answer (Studio Ver.)
  16. SORRY, SORRY (Remix) (Studio Ver.)
  17. Neorago (Rearranged Studio Ver.) (너라고; It's You)
  18. Puff, the Magic Dragon (Studio Ver.) (Original: Peter, Paul and Mary)
  19. Shining Star (Rearranged Studio Ver.)
Super Junior promoting SUPER SHOW 2

The 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT SUPER SHOW 2 is Super Junior's second live album. The album was recorded at their concerts held at the Olympic Fencing Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea from 17 to 19 July 2009, the first stop of their second Asia tour, SUPER JUNIOR The 2nd ASIA TOUR: SUPER SHOW 2

The album includes 35 live tracks and five studio version bonus tracks: remixed version of "SORRY, SORRY", R&B ballad "SORRY, SORRY - Answer", re-arranged versions of "Neorago (It's You)" and "Shining Star" as well a classic pop track "Puff, The Magic Dragon". A music video of "SORRY, SORRY - Answer", was also released on 10 December in celebration of the live album.

The album was also released in Taiwan by Avex Taiwan on 15 January 2010.

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