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The Beginning Of The End
Catalog Number
PCCA-04810 (Limited Edition A)
PCCA-04811 (Limited Edition B)
PCCA-04812 (Regular Edition)
¥5,400 (Limited Editions)
¥2,700 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
DVD Tracklist
  • Limited Edition A
  1. "PIRI ~Fue wo Fuke~ -Japanese ver.-" Music Video & Making Video
  • Limited Edition B
  1. Asia Tour "INVITATION FROM THE NIGHTMARE CITY in JAPAN" (Tokyo Kinema Club 2019.5.2) (東京キネマ倶楽部2019.5.2)


The Beginning Of The End is the first Japanese album released by Dreamcatcher. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+DVD+Mini Photobook "The End ver." edition (A), a limited CD+DVD+Mini Photobook "The Beginning ver." edition (B), and a regular CD edition. The all editions come with an event participation ticket and the first press regular edition additionally comes with 1 trading card of 8 types.

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