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TRAX promoting Oh! Naui Yeosinnim
Front: Jung Mo, Back: Jay (2010)

TraxX (formerly known in Korea as The TRAX or just TRAX) is a two member Korean pop/rock band formed in the summer of 2004 by SM Entertainment and produced by former X JAPAN member, YOSHIKI. The group was originally a four member piece, however in 2006 it was announced that Rose would left the group. In 2010 Attack disappeared from the band promotions, although no official reasons were stated.

In March 2018, the band made a name change to the TraxX, shedding their previous rock image to become an EDM group.


  • Jay (formerly Typhoon) (Vocals)
  • Jung Mo (formerly X-mas) (Guitar)
  • GINJO (DJ)

Former Members


The TRAX officially debuted in Korea on July 20, 2004, with the release of the single "Paradox", although they made their first public appearance on December 2003, as BoA's band for her performance of "Rock With You" at the KMA. The name "TRAX" stands for "recording tracks," but also stands the first letter of each member's stage name (Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-mas).

Short after the release of their debut single, the band was discovered by X JAPAN's YOSHIKI. YOSHIKI became their producer and the band was able to debut in Japan under avex. Their Japanese debut single, "Scorpio", was also released in Korea on the same day.

On the next year, 2005, the band released two more singles in Japan, "Rhapsody" and "Blaze Away", and started preparing for their first Korean album.

In May 10, 2006, avex announced on their official website that Rose left The TRAX to pursue other interests. Despite Rose's absence, The TRAX continued to work as a three-piece with support drummer Saku. Two months later, the band finally releases their first Korean album Chowoo. Despite being in the middle of promotions, only one month later they released their fourth Japanese single, "Resolution".

Since then end of 2006 the band has being inactive, with the only release of their fifth Japanese single "Find The Way / Cold Rain" in 2007.

Three years later, in 2010, The TRAX made their come back with a slightly change on the band's name, from "The TRAX" to "TRAX". They also came back with a member less Attack, who was rumored to be on his military service, although no official news were announced.

The TRAX promoting "Paradox" (2004)
The TRAX promoting Chowoo (2006)

Korean Discography


  • [2006.07.18] Chowoo (初雨; Cold Rain) (The TRAX)



Digital Singles


Japanese Discography



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