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as (singer)



Her first live was done at the age of 14, on the US military base in Yokosuka. Her first single, "BIRTH", was released in 2003 under the name Koike Tamami (written in Katakana). In October 2004, she changed her stage name to "tamami", and then in January 2005 changed her stage name to "as". In February of that year, she released her debut single, Time Capsule. After releasing her first album and song in 2006, she paused her activities briefly for medical treatment. In February 2007, she changed her stage name back to tamami. In December 2007, she confessed on her blog that she had married her producer, nao, and gave birth to their son in May 2008. In December 2011, she suddenly had difficulty breathing and was taken to the hospital via an ambulance. She died on December 30th, 2011, and it was reported on her blog on January 9th, 2012. She was 25 years old.





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