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===Digital Singles===
===Digital Singles===
* [2019.08.28] [[Us (milet song)|us -acoustic ver.-]]
* [2019.08.28] [[Us (milet song)|us -acoustic ver.-]]
* [2019.10.23] [[MAN WITH A MISSION]] - [[Dark Crow]] (#3 ''Reiwa feat. '''milet''''')

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milet promoting "Drown / You & I" (2019)

milet (ミレイ) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter under SME Records. She made her debut on March 6, 2019 with her first EP inside you EP, with the lead track "inside you" being used as the opening theme for the drama QUEEN.


  • Stage Name: milet (ミレイ)
  • Hometown: Tokyo, Japan




Digital Singles



  • She spent her youth in Canada and currently resides in Tokyo.

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