New user registrations have been disabled until further notice. If you would like to create an account, please message Generasia on Facebook. Thank you! promoting Wareware wa da (2018) (でんぱ組.inc) is a Japanese pop idol group under the label MEME TOKYO. The group formed in 2008 performing daily on Akihabara's DearStage live bar. In December that same year they released their debut single, "Mirror Magic?", under the indies label DearStage Records as Dempagumi (でんぱ組). Then in 2010 they released their major debut, the joint single "Kiss+kiss de Owaranai / Star☆tin'", under the label Lantis.

In 2011, they changed labels once again to MEME TOKYO before releasing the single "Future Diver".


Former Members

Discography promoting "Future Diver" (2011) promoting "Kirakira Tune / Sabotage" (2012) promoting "W.W.D II" (2013) promoting "Sakura Apparition" (2014) promoting "Ashita Chikyuu ga Konagona ni Natte mo" (2015) promoting WWDBEST ~Dempa Ryoukou!~ (2016)

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  • [2014] Dempa no Kamigami (でんぱの神神)
  • [2014-2015] Dempa Jack -World Wide Akihabara- (でんぱジャック -World Wide Akihabara-)
  • [2013] Shiromajyo Gakuen (白魔女学園)

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