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Created page with 'In Jpop Stop!, '''Midori''' (緑, みどり; ''Green'') could be a reference to: *midori, a Japanese pop singer under [[Victor Entertainment Inc.#f...'
In Jpop Stop!, '''Midori''' (緑, みどり; ''Green'') could be a reference to:

*[[midori (singer)|midori]], a [[J-Pop|Japanese pop]] singer under [[Victor Entertainment Inc.#flying DOG|flying DOG]] label.
*[[Ichige Midori|Midori]], a [[J-Pop|Japanese pop]] singer and [[Seiyuu|seiyu]].
*[[MIDORI (band)|MIDORI]], a Japanese jazz-punk fusion band under [[Sony Music Entertainment#Sony Music Associated Records|Sony Music Associated Records]].
*[[Karashima Midori]], a [[J-Pop|Japanese pop]] singer-songwriter, lyricist, and composer.
*''[[Midori (Iijima Mari)|midori]]'', [[Iijima Mari]]'s third album.

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