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Boys & Girls

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 ===From Wiki[[Image:Boys & Girls.theppn===jpg|thumb|300px|CD Art]]
; Artist
; Released
: 1999.07.14
; Catalog CodeNumber
: AVCD-30049
; Price
: ¥ 1¥1,260
; Tracklist
# Boys & Girls (MAD FILTER MIX)
# Boys & Girls (AUBE Original Mix)
# Boys & Girls (Higher Uplift Mix)
# [[Love ~Destiny~|LOVE ~Destiny~]] (TODD'S LOVERS COVERSION)]]
# Boys & Girls (HAL's Mix)
# Boys & Girls (Melt Down Dub Mix)
# [[To Be|TO BE]] (Bright Mix)]]
# Boys & Girls (Dub's club Remix)
# Boys & Girls (AUBE Original Mix Instrumental)
; Information
Boys & Girls is Hamasaki Ayumi's ninth single. Boys & Girls was used as the Kao "AUBE" lipstick [[CM]] song, featuring Hamasaki on the commercial. The song was so successful that she was invited to perform it at the annual [[Kohaku Uta Gassen]] concert. This single reached #2 on the [[Oricon]] charts in its first week, and #1 on the next three weeks. It sold 1,033,390 copies in 1999, becoming the #11 single of the year. It charted for 17 weeks and sold a total of 1,037,950 copies, making it her first single to sell over a million copies. This single is also Hamasaki's first to chart on the United World Charts.
"Boys & Girls" is the ninth single released by [[Hamasaki Ayumi]]. The song "Boys & Girls" was used as [[AUBE|AUBE]]'s (which Ayumi recently became a spokeswoman for) lipstick [[CM|commercial song]] which Ayumi appeared in. The song was so successful that she was invited to perform it at the annual [[Kohaku Uta Gassen|Kohaku Uta Gassen]] concert. The single reached #1 on the [[Oricon]] charts, staying at #1 for a total of three weeks, and staying on the charts for a total of seventeen weeks. During the first week the single sold 261,750 copies and has since sold a total of 1,037,950 copies, making it her first single to sell over a million copies. The single also became the #11 single of 1999. The single is also Ayumi's first to chart on the United World Charts. ==<span class="mw-headline">; TV Performances</span>== <div class="thumb tright"><div class="thumbinner" style="width: 252px">[[Image:Hamasaki - Boys&Girls.jpg|[[Image:250px-Hamasaki_-_Boys&Girls.jpg|250px|Ayumi promoting the single]]]]<div class="thumbcaption"><div class="magnify" style="float: right">[[Image:Hamasaki - Boys&Girls.jpg|[[Image:magnify-clip.png]]]]</div>Ayumi promoting the single</div></div></div> 
* [1999.xx.xx] [[CDTV|CDTV All Hits]]
* [1999.07.16] [[Music Station]]
* [1999.07.19] [[Hey! Hey! Hey!]]
* [1999.07.22] [[Utaban]]
* [1999.09.24] [[J-Pop Night|J-Pop Night]]* [1999.11.20] [[All Japan Request Awards|All Japan Request Awards]]* [1999.12.03] [[Japan Cable Awards|Japan Cable Awards]]* [1999.12.12] [[Super Dream Live|Super Dream Live]]* [1999.12.22] [[Fresh Live|Fresh Live]]
* [1999.12.24] [[Music Station|Music Station Christmas Special]]
* [1999.12.25] [[Pop Jam|Pop Jam Christmas Special]]
* [1999.12.31] [[Japan Record Awards|Japan Record Awards]]* [1999.12.31] [[Kohaku Uta Gassen|Kohaku Uta Gassen]]
* [1999.12.31] [[CDTV|CDTV Special Live 1999-2000]]
* [2000.08.31] [[Avex Summer Paradise 2000|Avex avex Summer Paradise 2000]] ==<span class="mw-headline">Song Information</span>==
==Song Information==
; Lyrics
: [[Hamasaki Ayumi]]
; Music
: [[Nagao Dai|D・A・I]]
; Other InformationArrangement: Arrangment: [[Atsumi NaokiSuzuki Naoto]] / [[Nagao Dai|Atsumi NaokiD・A・I]] ==<span class="mw-headline">United World Charts Positions</span>==
==United World Charts Positions==
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==<span class="mw-headline">External Links</span>==*[ Oricon Profile]*[ Cherry Blossom Garden - Lyrics]
* [ Oricon Profile]* [ Cherry Blossom Garden - Lyrics]{{Hamasaki Ayumi}}
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