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Just the Way You Are (DEEP)

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|[[Image:DEEP Just The Way You Are CD DVD.jpg|thumb|200px|CD+DVD Cover]]
|[[Image:DEEP Just The Way You Are CD.jpg|thumb|200px|CD Only Cover]]
[[Image:DEEP Just The Way You Are mumo.jpg|thumb|200px|mu-mo Edition Cover]]
; Artist
: [[DEEP]]
; Single
: Just The Way You Are
; Released
: 2014.07.16
; Catalog Number
: RZCD-59642/B <small>(CD+DVD)</small>
: RZCD-59643 <small>(CD Only)</small>
: RZC1-59644 <small>(mu-mo Edition)</small>
; Price
: ¥1,944 <small>(CD+DVD)</small>
: ¥1,296 <small>(CD Only)</small>
: ¥500 <small>(mu-mo Edition)</small>
; Tracklist
# Just The Way You Are
# [[Yogoreta Shatsu to Hoshi no Yoru]] (汚れたシャツと星の夜; ''Dirtied Shirts and Starry Nights'')
# [[Natsu no Owari no Harmony|Natsu no Owari no Harmony (Acapella)]] (夏の終りのハーモニー) <small>(original: [[Inoue Yosui]] & [[Anzen Chitai (band)|Anzen Chitai]])</small>
# Just The Way You Are (less vocal)
# [[Yogoreta Shatsu to Hoshi no Yoru|Yogoreta Shatsu to Hoshi no Yoru (less vocal)]] (汚れたシャツと星の夜; ''Dirtied Shirts and Starry Nights'')

; mu-mo Edition Tracklist
# Just The Way You Are

; DVD Tracklist
# Just The Way You Are ([[PV|Video Clip]])
# Just The Way You Are (Making)

; Information
"Just The Way You Are" is the 14th single released by [[DEEP]] (26th overall). It was released in three editions, CD+DVD, CD Only and a mu-mo Edition only featuring one song. The title track "Just The Way You Are" was used as the CM song for the Toyota Crown Hybrid 4WD. The single reached #9 on Oricon charts, and charted for 2 weeks.

==Oricon Chart Positions==
[[Image:DEEP Just The Way You Are promo.jpg|thumb|200px|DEEP promoting the single.]]
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!Mon||Tue||Wed||Thu||Fri||Sat||Sun||Week Rank||Sales
|- align="center"
||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||9 ||x,xxx
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||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x,xxx

==External Links==
* Oricon Profile: [ CD+DVD] | [ CD Only]

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