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Sing (DEEP)

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[[Image:DEEP SING CD DVD.jpg|thumb|250px|Limited Edition CD+DVD Cover]]
[[Image:DEEP SING CD.jpg|thumb|250px|Regular CD Only Cover]]
; Artist
: [[DEEP (group)|DEEP]]
; Single
; Released
: 2018.02.28
; Catalog Number
: AICL-3469~70 <small>(Limited Edition CD+DVD)</small>
: AICL-3471 <small>(Regular CD Only)</small>
; Price
: ¥1,500 <small>(Limited Edition CD+DVD)</small>
: ¥1,000 <small>(Regular CD Only)</small>
; Limited Edition CD+DVD Tracklist
# [[Guess What Girl]]
# SING Instrumental
# [[Guess What Girl]] Instrumental

; Regular CD Only Tracklist
# [[Guess What Girl]]
# [[Turn Back Time]]
# SING Instrumental
# [[Guess What Girl]] Instrumental
# [[Turn Back Time]] Instrumental

; DVD Tracklist
# SING ([[PV|Music Video]])

; Information
"SING" is the 17th single released by [[DEEP]] (29th overall). It was released in two editions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD Only edition. The single reached #12 on Oricon charts, and charted for 2 weeks.

==Oricon Chart Positions==
[[Image:DEEP SING promo.jpg|thumb|200px|DEEP promoting the single.]]
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!Mon||Tue||Wed||Thu||Fri||Sat||Sun||Week Rank||Sales
|- align="center"
||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||12 ||x,xxx
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||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x ||x,xxx

==External Links==
* Oricon Profile: [ Limited Edition CD+DVD] | [ Regular CD Only]

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