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I don't want to revert any of your edits if possible, so I must ask. Don't look better the templates without the numbers?

IMO, I don't understand the purpose of a template when all I see are numbers. They should be there to make easier move around an artist discography, not to guess where the numbers are going to take me....

Pizca11:06, 1 October 2012

It's just that when I see a big template i think it's horrible. Normally when it's a small discography I leave the names...however when it's bigger i usually use the numbers. We used that on wikitheppn. But if people dont want... it's fine with me. It's just a matter of esthetics.

For example: I prefer this over this. The second one is just awful... I have a technique about the problem you said. I put the mouse over the number and the computer shows the link. But of course, probably there are people who don't know this.

~~FoxxyFuyumi11:35, 1 October 2012

That's how you see it?? O_o Wow, this is the same template on my screen [1]. As you can see it looks pretty nice with a bigger screen resolution, and now I totally understand why your prefer numbers.

I know about the mouseover, but I don't find that useful either since you have to wait for it to appear, and if you move the mouse slightly it disappears.

In any case, I think Matsushita Yuya's template has a good size to feature titles instead of numbers...

Pizca13:09, 1 October 2012

I wish i had a big screen like yours LOL. Normally when all the releases crosses the first paragraph (do not know if you understand me), I put numbers.

~~FoxxyFuyumi13:20, 1 October 2012

I understand. The thing is, if you have a bigger screen (or bigger res.) smaller templates with numbers don't look good either. This is how I see Matsushita's template [1].

I wish we could know the average screen resolution of generasia's users. Maybe we can ask to Tokyograph to put somewhere some kind of survey....

Pizca13:36, 1 October 2012

I was thinking the same thing... BTW, your screen is enormous LOL. The template looks kinda empty... xD Yeah so let's ask Tokyograph to do the survey. For me I can stop using the numbers, at least in some cases, because there are artists like ayumi hamasaki with a bunch of things that i think it's still better to use numbers (in singles/DVDs at least).

In my resolution those big templates are really awful... well you already saw the print screen right? xD

~~FoxxyFuyumi13:42, 1 October 2012

Yeah, and I totally understand you. Back in Theppn I had a smaller screen and always had issues like yours.

The screen is not that big, it's an iMac 21. But I love the 1920x1080 res. (specially for movies XD)

OK, so I'm going to send him a tweet, let's see what he says.

Pizca13:56, 1 October 2012

Yeah i love those resolutions... and for movies must be amazing lol Ok piz, thanks.

~~FoxxyFuyumi14:05, 1 October 2012