YUI – Rain


    Released 2010.11.24

    “Rain” is the 17th single released by YUI. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD-only edition. This is a promotional single for Christmas. A preview of Rain was aired on September 27 on a radio show. This new single is also slated to be the theme song for an upcoming dorama called Perfect Report which will air in October. The producer of Fuji TV stated that YUI’s song was chosen due to the fact that she puts in lots of energy into her songs. This will be the fourth time that YUI has sung for a dorama.

    Catalog Number
    SRCL-7471~2 (CD+DVD)
    SRCL-7473 (CD Only)
    ¥1,575 (CD+DVD)
    ¥1,223 (CD Only)
    CD Tracklist
    1. Rain
    2. a room
    3. How crazy ~YUI Acoustic Version~
    4. Rain ~Instrumental~
    DVD Tracklist
    1. Rain (PV)
    2. Please Stay With Me (PV)

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