Aoi from Ayabie – Surrender Love


Released 2010.11.24

“Surrender Love” is the second single released by Aoi under the name Aoi from Ayabie. This was released in three different versions: a limited CD+DVD edition (A), a limited CD only edition (B), and a regular CD only edition. Limited edition A comes with a DVD of the title song’s PV along with its making of offshot and an interview. Limited edition B and the regular each contains a second B-side song and its instrumental, “Negai” and “youth” (respectively). The titular track was used as the TV-Tokyo drama Jouou 3 ~Specical Edition~ theme song and a GemCEREY commercial theme song.

Catalog Number
TKCA-73579 (Limited Edition A)
TKCA-73582 (Limited Edition B)
TKCA-73583 (Regular Edition)
¥1,500 (Limited Edition A)
¥1,200 (Limited Edition B & Regular Edition)
Limited Edition A CD Tracklist
  1. Surrender Love
  2. Koibumi (恋文; Love Letter)
  3. Surrender Love (Instrumental)
  4. Koibumi (Instrumental) (恋文)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Surrender Love –Music Clip
  2. Music Clip Offshot (オフショット)
  3. Interview (インタビュー)
LE B & RE CD Tracklists
  1. Surrender Love
  2. Koibumi (恋文; Love Letter)
  3. Negai (願い; Wish(Limited Edition B Track)
  4. youth (Regular Edition Track)
  5. Surrender Love (Instrumental)
  6. Koibumi (Instrumental) (恋文)
  7. Negai (Instrumental) (願い) (Limited Edition B Track)
  8. youth (Instrumental) (Regular Edition Track)
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