Tsubakiya Quartette reveals they disbanded at end of last year


Rock band Tsubakiya Shijuusou, also known as Tsubakiya Quartette, announced on their official website that they disbanded at the end of last year, after their countdown concert on December 31 at Zepp Sendai. The band apologized for the late announcement, but offered words of gratitude to the fans and other people who have supported them throughout the years.

Vocalist and guitarist Nakada Yuji explained that the decision to disband had already been made by the members around the summer of last year. He said that it was a natural decision with no particular reason, as the band felt that the time to break up had come. He also explained that the band definitely didn’t want to do a final “breakup tour,” so they had continued their activities as if they would still be moving forward.

Tsubakiya Shijuusou formed in 2000 as a three-member band, and they officially added guitarist Yasutaka Takuro as a fourth member in 2006. They made their major label debut the following year, but Yasutaka later left in March 2010.

Nakada and drummer Kodera Ryota stated that they plan to continue with their musical careers, while bassist Nagata Takashige will be leaving music in pursuit of something else.



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