Oda Yuji, Ito Hideaki team up for “Amalfi” sequel


Oda Yuji (43) and Ito Hideaki (35), the stars of two of Japan’s most successful movie franchises, are teaming up for a movie called “Andalucia.” The film is a continuation of the “Gaikoukan Kuroda Kosaku” action series, which started with the hit 2009 movie “Amalfi: Megami no Hoshu” and continued with a drama series that is currently on the air.

The “Amalfi” sequel was first revealed by Toho during its 2011 lineup presentation last December. Like “Amalfi,” “Andalucia” is named for the setting of the film. Oda is reprising his role as the diplomat Kuroda Kosaku, sent to Spain after a Japanese investor is murdered. Ito plays Kotari Makoto, an Interpol detective who is at odds with Kuroda.

The last time that Oda and Ito acted together was in a special episode of the “Odoru Daisousasen” drama series 14 years ago, before Ito got his big break in “Umizaru.” Since then, their respective franchises have become highly successful. “Odoru Daisousasen” lays claim to the #1 and #3 highest-grossing live-action Japanese films of all times, and its third installment was the #2 live-action Japanese film of 2010. Overall, “Umizaru” has not been quite as popular, but that series’ third film was #1 in 2010.

Director Nishitani Hiroshi has already finished on-location filming in Spain for “Andalucia” and is currently shooting the rest in Japan. The movie’s release date is set for June 25, 2011.

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