Kora Kengo stars in drama about Banei horse racing


Actor Kora Kengo (23) will star in a 2-part drama series on NHK next year, titled “Daichi no Fanfare.” The drama is being produced by NHK Sapporo and will air in the Hokkaido area first on February 17 and 24, followed by broadcasts in March throughout the rest of NHK’s national network.

The story revolves around Banei Keiba, a form of draft horse racing that is currently only held in the city of Obihiro, Hokkaido. In Banei racing, jockeys ride on iron sleds pulled by the horses.

Kora plays a rookie rider named Kitamura Shunpei, while Terawaki Yasufumi plays a┬átop-class jockey who encourages him. Terawaki currently plays Kora’s father-in-law in the morning drama series “Ohisama.”

The screenplay is being written by Yamamoto Mutsumi, who handled last year’s “Gegege no Nyoubou” and is doing the 2013 taiga drama “Yae no Sakura.”



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