Fourth “Umizaru” movie scheduled for July 2012


THE LAST MESSAGE: Umizaru” (2010) was not the last one for the popular movie series, as production on a new movie has just been announced. “BRAVE HEARTS: Umizaru” has been revealed as the title of the fourth installment, which will once again reunite lead actor Ito Hideaki (36) with the rest of the main cast.

The story of “BRAVE HEARTS” is set two years after the last movie and revolves around the emergency water landing of a jumbo jet, the biggest incident at sea that has happened so far in the original “Umizaru” manga series.

Besides Ito, returning cast members include Kato Ai, Sato Ryuta, Miura Shohei, and Tokito Saburo. New cast members include Hirayama Hiroyuki, Ihara Tsuyoshi, and Naka Riisa.

Hasumi Eiichiro will return to the director’s chair. The script for the movie was already being written when the Tohoku earthquake happened this past March, and production temporarily slowed down due to the disaster. The movie was later given the green light again, and filming is scheduled to begin on September 17 and finish in mid-December.

“BRAVE HEARTS” is scheduled to open in theaters in July 2012, making it the first “Umizaru” movie to be released during summer vacation. Expectations are high for the film, since the second movie “LIMIT OF LOVE: Umizaru” (2006) and “THE LAST MESSAGE: Umizaru” (2010) were the #1 domestic movies of their years, grossing 7.1 billion yen and 8.04 billion yen, respectively.

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