Announcer Otsuka Norikazu diagnosed with leukemia


Otsuka Norikazu (63), one of the main newscasters on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV,” has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, it was learned on Sunday.

Otsuka has been taking a break from “Mezamashi TV” since November 2nd for health reasons. According to Fuji TV, at the end of last month, Otsuka happened to discover a lump in his neck, so he went to his doctor to have it checked. After a thorough examination, it was determined that he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and he was soon hospitalized to prepare for treatment.

Otsuka has been an anchorman for “Mezamashi TV” since 1994. Announcer Ito Toshihiro (39) will take over Otsuka’s duties for the time being, while Otsuka consults with his doctor about when he will be able to return to work.

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