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December 21, 2011

Charts: Kis-My-Ft2, KARA, Shoujo Jidai

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Kis-My-Ft2‘s second single “We never give up!” topped the sales charts this week with nearly 246,000 copies sold, giving them their second consecutive #1. The group has been on a roll since their official debut in August, ranking #1 among new artists on Oricon’s 2011 sales charts.

Meanwhile, actress Takei Emi achieved #6 with her debut single “Koisuru Kimochi.” The last actress to break the top ten with a debut single was Kitano Kie with “Sakura Saku” in February 2010.

  1. Kis-My-Ft2We never give up! – 245,572
  2. UVERworldBABY BORN & GO / KINJITO – 53,369
  3. AKB48Ue Kara Mariko – 45,725
  4. Amuro NamieSit! Stay! Wait! Down! / Love Story – 28,384
  5. U-KISSTick Tack – 27,511
  6. Takei EmiKoisuru Kimochi – 22,226
  7. DEEPTrue Love – 12,167
  8. The Cro-MagnonsRaiu Kekkou – 11,043
  9. Houkago Tea TimeSinging! – 10,673
  10. Houkago Tea TimeUnmei wa Endless! – 10,460

On the album charts, KARA‘s “Super Girl” climbed two places to reclaim the #1 spot. This makes them the first foreign artist since t.A.T.u. in 2003 to have a release rank #1 in non-consecutive weeks, and the first Korean artist ever to do so.

  1. KARASuper Girl – 44,260
  3. Kubota ToshinobuTHE BADDEST ~Hit Parade~ – 29,317
  4. Yuki Saori & Pink Martini1969 – 20,070
  5. Various Artists – THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN 4 ~Meitantei Conan Theme Kyokushuu 4~ – 19,504
  6. PerfumeJPN – 17,782
  7. Kamiya HiroshiHarezora – 16,909
  8. Sandaime J Soul BrothersTRIBAL SOUL – 16,299
  9. JUJUDELICIOUS – 13,469
  10. MISIAMISIA no Mori Forest Covers – 13,019

In music DVDs and Blu-rays, Shoujo Jidai became the first foreign artist in Oricon history to simultaneously top both charts. Their “JAPAN FIRST TOUR GIRLS’ GENERATION” sold 69,000 DVDs and 37,000 Blu-ray Discs.

This adds another to Shoujo Jidai’s growing list of achievements, which includes ranking 5th in total sales by artist for 2011, at 4.05 billion yen from 1.254 million copies (CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays). Their debut Japanese album “GIRLS’ GENERATION” also ranked #5 on the 2011 sales charts with 642,000 copies sold.

Oricon (weekly single ranking)
Oricon (weekly album ranking)

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