Remioromen announces hiatus


The popular band Remioromen announced on Wednesday that they are going on hiatus. The decision is partially a result of vocalist Fujimaki Ryota’s solo debut, which was announced in December. While Fujimaki focuses on his solo career, bassist Maeda Keisuke plans to become active as a producer and composer, and drummer Jinguji Osamu also aims to continue developing as a musician.

Fujimaki is releasing his first solo single, “Hikari wo Atsumete,” on February 29. When the single was announced in December, Fujimaki apologized for making the band’s fans wait, and since then many have been concerned about the future of Remioromen’s activities. However, in the band’s message regarding their hiatus, they assured their fans that “our story is not over,” promising to resume activities sometime in the future. At this time, there is no estimate of when they will end their hiatus.

Remioromen formed in December 2000 and made their major label debut in August 2003. Some of their best known hits are “Konayuki” and “3gatsu 9ka.”



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