Mizutani Yutaka, Ito Ran to play husband and wife in “Shonen H” movie adaptation


Senoo Kappa’s bestselling novel “Shonen H” (“A Boy Called H”) is being turned into a live-action movie starring actor Mizutani Yutaka. His wife, actress Ito Ran, has also been cast in the film. This will be the first time that they have acted together since the 1983 drama series “Jiken Kisha Chabo!,” before they got married.

The original “Shonen H” novel is a story of love, laughter, and courage, set in Kobe at the height of World War II. The central character, a young boy named Senoo Hajime, is based on the author’s own childhood. Nicknamed “H,” Hajime is full of curiosity and a sense of justice.

In the movie version, the main character will be Hajime’s father Morio (played by Mizutani), who runs a Western-style clothing shop. Ito will play his wife Toshiko, but the actor playing Hajime has not yet been announced.

Filming will begin in May. Scenes will be shot all across the country, as well as in Hapcheon, South Korea. Theatrical release is slated for summer 2013.

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