D-BOYS members to star in drama series “D×TOWN”


6 members of acting troupe D-BOYS (and its affiliated unit D2) will star in a new TV Tokyo drama series called “D×TOWN,” it has been announced. The series will consist of 6 stories, each starring a different member and each directed by a veteran or up-and-coming movie director. Each of the stories is scheduled to last one month long, so TV Tokyo will broadcast the show from the start of April until the end of September.

The stories will each have the same theme of a “town.” The first, titled “Spiders Now,” will be a youthful tale set in Kokura in Kitakyushu. Igarashi Shunji will play a member of an amateur band called Spiders From Earth. Aoyama Shinji (“Eureka,” “Sad Vacation”) will direct.

The second, titled “Taiyou wa Matte Kurenai,” will be set in Yokosuka, starring Suzuki Hiroki. Maeda Koji (“Konzen Tokkyuu”) will direct.

TV Tokyo will air the drama series in a late night Friday time slot, beginning April 6. The story details known at this time are listed below.



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