Higashiyama Noriyuki, Becky join “Eight Ranger” cast


More cast members have been unveiled for Kanjani8’s movie “Eight Ranger,” which was first announced last month. The new additions include Higashiyama Noriyuki in his first villain role and Becky as the story’s heroine.

“Eight Ranger,” also known as “Eito Ranger,” is based on a series of skits that Kanjani8 has performed during their concerts. The skits involve the group’s members playing superheroes who battle an evil organization.

The movie is set in a fictional city in the near future, where the “Eight Ranger” team must fight against a terrorist group known as “Dark Crusade.” Higashiyama will play the villainous leader of that group, whose activities include selling slaves. Meanwhile, Becky will cast aside her usual cheerful image as she plays a female police detective with a dark past.

The other newly announced cast members are Renbutsu Misako as a detective who admires heroes, Takenaka Naoto and Tayama Ryosei as police chiefs, Ishibashi Renji as the chairman of the vigilante “Hero Association,” and Ueshima Ryuhei as a hero candidate.

It was already revealed previously that Tachi Hiroshi will play a legendary hero named Captain Silver.

“Eight Ranger” is scheduled for theatrical release on July 28.



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