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iStalk – 644

Today, AKB48 ends it’s tour,Vancouver loves K-pop, and Hatsune Miku gets a DVD for America.
by Elk


AKB48’s Oku Manami, Kanazawa Yuki leave

AKB48‘s Team B member Oku Manami (15) suddenly announced on Monday that she is leaving the group. Her message to her fans was posted on the group’s official blog, explaining that she has decided to focus on her educ...
by tokyograph

Ageru! Pop matsuri 2010

Ageru! Pop Matsuri 2010

On August 5th, “Ageru! Pop Matsuri 2010” took place in Tokyo hosted by the magazine “Popteen“. The event, which had various icons like Nana Suzuki, Shiina Hikari, Funayama Kumiko and Komori Jun, along wi...
by eXodius


an-an cover

AKB48 on the cover of "an-an"

Four girls from the popular group AKB48 will be appearing on today’s edition of the fasion magazine “an-an”. Oshima Yuko (21), Maeda Atsuko (19), Itano Tomomi (19), and Kojima Haruna (22) were asked on their t...
by eXodius


AKB48’s Akimoto Sayaka returns to Team K captain position, forms new unit DiVA

AKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka (22) successfully ran the Tokyo Marathon on Sunday. She finished the course in 6 hours, 50 minutes, and 6 seconds, barely within the 7-hour time limit for the marathon. As a result, AKB48 producer Ak...
by tokyograph