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iStalk – 488

Today, kindness is contagious, companies buying pieces of other companies, and Hayao Miyazaki is trendy. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3 91.8 The Fan

Kagrra, announces dissolution in March 2011

J-rock group Kagrra, announced today that the group would be dissolving as of March 3, 2011.

KARA – Jumping

Released 2010.11.10 "Jumping " is KARA's Japanese second single. It was released in four editions, CD+DVD, CD + photobook, and two CD only editions, first...

Angela Aki announces "MY KEYS PLUS" tour

Angela Aki announced today her "MY KEYS PLUS + TOUR 2010 LIFE" tour. The tour, which starts October 9th, will consist of over 20...

JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN suspended in Japan

JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN (JYJ), the three-member offshoot of the popular (and currently on hiatus) TVXQ/Tohoshinki was announced today that activities in Japan...

Nakashima Mika appears in "Resident Evil: Afterlife"

Nakashima Mika, known for her demure size and fragile appearance, was revealed today to be starring in the latest sequel in the "Resident Evil"...

LUNA SEA announces their world tour, "REBOOT"

At a press conference on August 31st in Hong Kong, LUNA SEA announced the start of their world tour. The tour, called "REBOOT", will...

OGRE YOU ASSHOLE announces North American tour

GRE YOU ASSHOLE, whose name alone is turning heads, is starting a tour in both the USA and Canada to promote their upcoming release, Ukareteiru Hito, which will be released September 1st.

Girls' Generation – Genie

Released 2010.09.08 "Genie" is Girls' Generation's Japanese debut single. It was released in three editions, two CD+DVD editions (first press and regular), and a CD...

V6 – only dreaming / Catch

Released 2010.08.25 "only dreaming / Catch" is the th single released by V6. "only dreaming" is the theme song to the drama Keishicho Sosa Ikka...

YOSHIKI considered "Japan's 'Bono'", set to take on the USA

YOSHIKI, known best for being part of the J-Rock group X-JAPAN, was recently featured on ABC as being the "Bono of Japan".

Ageru! Pop Matsuri 2010

On August 5th, "Ageru! Pop Matsuri 2010" took place in Tokyo hosted by the magazine "Popteen". The event, which had various icons like Nana...

BoA to star in an upcoming Hollywood movie

BoA, known throughout Korea, Japan, and even the USA, was revealed today by SM Entertainment to be taking on the lead role in an upcoming Hollywood movie.


Released 2010.07.28 "WOO WEEKEND" is the 31th Japanese single released by BoA. The title track was used as Japan's Disney on Ice 25th anniversary song and CM song. Released2010.07.21Catalog...

alan – Kaze ni Mukau Hana

Released 2010.07.07 "Kaze ni Mukau Hana" is the 13th Japanese single released by alan. It will be released in fifteen different versions: a CD+DVD edition, a...