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iStalk – 712

Today, Yoko Kanno writes for new Aquarion, House of Five Leaves is coming to America, and I heard Herman Cain likes Pokemon. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story...

iStalk – 629

Today, Artsy apps, more One Piece records, and Geppetto? Not quite. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 608

Today, AM2 sets a record, MonkeyPaw brings retro goodness to the PSN, and Arino's struggles come to North America! Sources: Story 1 - Press Release Story 2 Story...

iStalk – 553

Today, 4Kids files for bankruptcy, a glimmer of hope for The Last Story in the west, and AVAST! One Piece breaks ANOTHER record. Sources: Story 1 Story...

iStalk – 534

Today, the earth tore asunder, DBZ takes measures to cover its butt, and it's confirmed: the number of closet Pokemon cases is increasing (or...

iStalk – 522

Today, pirates on a train, bust out the book of friends again, and K-ON sets more records. Sources: Story 1 (NSFW) Story 2 Story 3