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ICONIQ – Light Ahead

Released 2010.09.15 Light Ahead is the first mini-album released by ICONIQ. First pressings of the CD+DVD version come with footage from ICONIQ Premium Live @ 5/16...

Hamasaki, Koda conclude a-nation '10

As previously reported at Jpop Stop!, today was the conclusion to a-nation '10, held at Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu, Tokyo.

Ebihara Yuri & ILMARI marry, host wedding reception

Roughly 200 people attended the wedding reception of Ebihara Yuri and RIP SLYME's ILMARI on August 26th in Tokyo after the two married in...

Kuwata Keisuke – Honto wa Kowai Ai to Romance

Released 2010.08.25 "Honto wa Kowai Ai to Romance" is the thirteenth single released by Kuwata Keisuke. It includes two new songs and six live songs....

Alice Nine – Senkou

Released 2010.08.25 "Senkou" is the 11th major and 15th overall single released by Alice Nine. It is their first release through Tokuma Music Communications. This...

Ageru! Pop Matsuri 2010

On August 5th, "Ageru! Pop Matsuri 2010" took place in Tokyo hosted by the magazine "Popteen". The event, which had various icons like Nana...

Komuro Tetsuya composing the official "a-nation '10" theme song

Komuro Tetsuya, known best for his roles in TM NETWORK and globe, has composed this year's "a-nation '10" theme song "THX A LOT". a-nation,...