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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Catalog Number
VPCC-80646 (Limited Edition)
VPCC-81654 (Regular Edition)
¥4,800 (Limited Edition)
¥3,200 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Jishou (Shounen Terrorist) (自傷 (少年テロリスト); Self-Injury (Boys Terrorist))
  2. Gianizm Tsuu (ジャイアニズム痛; Pain)
  3. Gianizm San (ジャイアニズム惨; Wretched)
  4. Gianizm Shi (ジャイアニズム死; Death)
  5. Gianizm Go (ジャイアニズム誤; Mistake)
  6. Gianizm Roku (ジャイアニズム碌; Enough)
  7. Gianizm Shichi (ジャイアニズム叱; Scold)
  8. Gianizm Hachi (ジャイアニズム罰; Punishment)
  9. Gianizm Kyuu (ジャイアニズム究; Study)
  10. Gianizm Ten (ジャイアニズム天; Heavens)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Jishou (Shounen Terrorist) (自傷 (少年テロリスト)) (from Ultimate Circus Finale 03.12.12 Shibuya Koukaidou)
  2. Gianizm Tsuu (ジャイアニズム痛) (from Kyokutou Symphony ~the Five Stars Night~ @BUDOKAN)
  3. Gianizm San (ジャイアニズム惨) (from Kyokutou Symphony ~the Five Stars Night~ @BUDOKAN)
  4. Gianizm Shi (ジャイアニズム死) (PV)
  5. Gianizm Go (ジャイアニズム誤) (from Nightmare LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2008 -killer show- at Niigata Lots)
  6. Gianizm Roku (ジャイアニズム碌) (from TOUR【Gianizm Tsuu】@NHK HALL)
  7. Gianizm Shichi (ジャイアニズム叱) (from VISION OF the WORLD RULER at Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A)
  8. Gianizm Hachi (ジャイアニズム罰) (from TOUR 2008 Grand killer show @Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A)
  9. Gianizm Kyuu (ジャイアニズム究) (from PARADE TOUR FINAL "MAJESTIC" @Nippon Budoukan)
  10. Gianizm Ten (ジャイアニズム天) (PV)


GIANIZM is the special "10th Anniversary Album" released by Nightmare. This was released in two different versions: a limited CD+DVD edition anda regular CD only edition. All tracks save for #7, #8, and #9 have been re-recorded. The first track, "Jishou (Shounen Terrorist)", is also called "Gianizm" (as seen on Ultimate Circus Finale 03.12.12 Shibuya Koukaidou). Each song's kanji is read as the number it is in the tracklisting. The DVD is of lives performances, except four and ten which are PVs, that were taken from previously released DVDs.

As this is a special anniversary release, each edition contained extra bonuses. The limited edition came in special casing and contained: a B2 sized double-sided poster, a set of five trading cards (Type-A), a 10th anniversary special coupon, and a chance for your cards to be glittery. The regular edition contained: a 36 page photobooklet, a set of five trading cards (Type-B), a 10th anniversary special coupon, and a chance for your booket to be signed by a member of Nightmare.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 13 13 13 13 16 19 19 18,201
19 22 26 27 30 48 -
- - - - - - - 85 1,317
- - - - - - - 174 708
- - - - - - - 233 688

Total Reported Sales: 20,914

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