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Gianizm ~Ore no Mono wa Ore no Mono~

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Type A Cover
Type B Cover
Gianizm ~Ore no Mono wa Ore no Mono~ (ジャイアニズム~俺の物は俺の物~)
Catalog Number
VPCC-84156 (Type A)
VPCC-84157 (Type B)
Type A Tracklist
  1. Jishou (Shounen Terrorist) (自傷(少年テロリスト))
  2. Back-Street Children (バックストリートチルドレン)
  3. Nadirecur
  4. Tsubasa wo Kudasai . . . (翼をください・・・)
  5. Crash!? Nightmare Channel (クラッシュ!?ナイトメアチャンネル)
  6. Gianism San (ジャイアニズム惨)
  7. Shinjitsu no Hana (真実の花)
  8. M-aria
  9. star[K]night
  10. Wasurena Kusa (わすれな草)
  11. Kadan (華談)
Type B Tracklist
  1. dogma
  2. Bildungsroman (ビルドゥングス・ロマン)
  3. Wasurenagusa~k no souretsu~ (勿忘草 ~Kの葬列~)
  4. Saiyuki (最遊期)
  5. Esaragoto (絵空事)
  6. Gianizm~tsuu minagoroshi~ (ジャイアニズム痛 ~生涯皆殺し~)
  7. Hoshi ni negai wo (星に願いを )
  8. Shunkashuuto (春夏秋冬)
  9. Fly me to the Zenith
  10. Kimi to ita kisetsu (君といた季節)
  11. love tripper

Gianizm ~Ore no Mono wa Ore no Mono~ is the second best album, which is part of Nightmare's Gianism Best Ofs compilation. This edition differs from the rest because it came with two editions with two completely different tracklists. Type A tracklist is the same as Gianizm ~Omae no Mono wa Ore no Mono~'s tracklist.