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Iroiro Goromo

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Album Cover
Iroiro Goromo (色色衣)
Catalog Number
  1. Star Gazer (スターゲイザー)
  2. Hi-Fi Lo-Fi (NEW MIX) (ハイファイ・ローファイ)
  3. Inaho (NEW MIX) (稲穂)
  4. Sakana (魚)
  5. Moonlight (ムーンライト)
  6. Memories (メモリーズ)
  7. Seishun Ikinokori Game (青春生き残りゲーム)
  8. SUGINAMI MELODY (マーメイド)
  9. Funanori (船乗り)
  10. Haru Natsu Rocket (春夏ロケット)
  11. Son Gokuu (孫悟空)
  12. Oomiya Sunset (大宮サンセット)
  13. Yume Oi Mushi (夢追い虫)
  14. Boku wa Jet (Previously Unreleased Track) (僕はジェット)


Iroiro Goromo is the second special album released by Spitz. The album, as their first special album, includes mostly single' B-sides, however, it also features singles' A-sides, the three songs from 99ep mini-album and one new song "Boku wa Jet", from their indies period. First press edition comes housed in a digipack. The album reached #1 on Oricon weekly charts, and charted for 22 weeks. As it sold 246,253 copies it become the #60 album of the year.

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